Tuesday, 11 March 2014


 I have been incredibly exhausted from being ill and feel like I am finally reaching a point of feeling okay - which I am more than happy with.
I made this for my dear husband who turned 35 on the weekend (photo was taken on the weekend - so organised!) I used mainly scraps from the bottom of 12x12 pages where the barcode is and the main blue bit is from a Project Life card that bought it when it got stuck to a photo it wasn't meant to.
Quite happy with the result - desk only slightly messy this week!
Saturday's desk:
 Wednesday's desk(s):
It's great having two desks side by side now. The eventual plan is to have one fro scrapping & one for everything else but so far it's working well being at the brown one and using the white one to leave things on. Still have a lot of sorting going on too which I am enjoying.
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