Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday & I'm rambling

  1. Sweet new business cards arrived yesterday - gave out my first one today - granted it was to a friend.
  2. Craving Chocolate & having absolutely no way of even getting any.
  3. Finally get my groove on for the working week and it ends in half an hour.
  4. I may or may not be addicted to a certain type of woodlands.
  5. I'm revisiting my relationship with God & pretty much everything else in my life.
  6. Currently planning a scrap weekend with my sister & friends.
  7. I had the best night last night at an information session for a new job - followed by dinner at a pub.
  8. Heading out after work for an awesome new outfit including shoes - watch out Perth.
  9. Finding out our returning ED is just a really awesome guy! After visiting us on Wednesday, he sent me a link to this article and told me it would give me some relief. lol
  10. Love when an idea becomes a plan - started with an idea to change my blogger picture & now its a complete overhaul - including life.